Protection Cabinets


The protection cabinets fulfill the main function of protecting the transformer against the presence of severe climatic conditions. Its correct use is directly related to the requirements of each electrical installation, which is why at CAT MIRON we adapt to them by offering a wide variety of product characteristics;

  • Sheet metal construction, sheet metal galvanized iron, aluminum or stainless steel.
  • Different painting and protection schemes.
  • Protection degree up to NEMA 4X or IP 65.
  • Indoor or outdoor.
  • Self-supporting or detachable. Explosion-proof.
  • Natural ventilation, forced or indirect ventilation through exchangers.
  • With medium voltage and low voltage bars.
  • Junction Boxes for medium and low voltage.
  • With voltage or current transformers.
  • With auxiliary boards.
  • Access with security interlocks.
  • Variety of options, tailored to needs and uses.
  • Immediate commissioning, since they are delivered ready to operate, fully tested.
  • Durability thanks to its design and construction quality.
  • Ease of maintenance thanks to its
  • studied design.