About us

We are an Argentine company specialized in the manufacture of Dry Encapsulated and Impregnated Transformers. More than 50 years of experience in the regional and Latin American market, custom engineering and a deep focus on customer satisfaction make us the most reliable alternative. We integrate all the processes in Argentina: design, development, manufacturing, final tests and after-sales services, thus guaranteeing quality throughout the life of the product.

We are proud to have manufactured the first Argentine epoxy resin encapsulated dry transformer more than 30 years ago and to be the factory with the largest number of machines in service (currently 5,000 dry insulation equipments). Our engineers have been members of the commission that created the IRAM 2276/77 standards.



It begins its activities with the manufacture of low-voltage transformers and autotransformers. The quality of its products begins to be recognized in the local market and, consequently, its client portfolio expands, thus achieving the firm's consolidation. In response to the growing demand for products, it was decided to expand the capacity of the plant.


With the aim of diversifying its product line, it launched into the production and marketing of rural transformers and medium voltage oil distribution.


Detects a new business opportunity: the manufacture of Encapsulated Dry Type Transformers. This product was already manufactured in Europe and showed a growing market. In our country there were no local manufacturers, as well as no market. In these circumstances, it begins to work on engineering development according to international technical specifications, promoting the advantages and qualities of the product, thus generating the market locally.


Faced with a new need to expand production capacity, in response to a growing demand for Medium Voltage Encapsulated Dry Type Transformers, a 1000 m2 plant dedicated to such purposes is inaugurated. In parallel, a fully equipped electrical testing laboratory is set up.


In response to sustained growth in demand, and with the aim of increasing productive capacity again, the area is expanded to 2,000 m2. Likewise, it focuses on the importance of providing effective technical advice and after-sales service. This last aspect represents a value deeply rooted in the company, which sets it apart from its foreign competitors.


Certifies its quality nanagment system according to the ISO 9001 norms, modifying entirely the structure of processes.


Having successfully circumvented the turbulence suffered in the country and embarked on a completely renewed management model, it reaffirms its leadership in the market, positioning itself as the only company that performs 100% of the production processes in the country that make up the Encapsulated Dry Type Transformer with technology. own, and as a specialist in developments focused on the particular needs of each client.


From the paradigm shifts in Argentina, Grupo Miron acquires 100% of the share package, taking over CAT entirely. This combination provides customers with an exclusive global offer, since it adds the attributes of Miron as a manufacturer of transformers in oil, a provider that provides maintenance and assembly services up to 500kV, with CAT's own advantages as a benchmark in the manufacture of Dry Transformers. Encapsulated in Argentina. This new creation is known as CAT MIRON.


In the framework of the process of technological improvements and in accordance with international manufacturing parameters, multiple achievements were achieved. Firstly, the folio winding process was developed and implemented in both aluminum and copper, ensuring greater reliability and less volume in the equipment coils. On the other hand, the most modern automatic furnace in Argentina for coil stabilization and encapsulation was incorporated, minimizing the probability of partial discharges in the long term.



Provide solutions related to the distribution of electrical energy in medium and low voltage, through the production and marketing of both Impregnated and Encapsulated Dry Transformers and related products and services, meeting the highest quality and safety standards, satisfying the needs of our clients.


To be a local and international benchmark in solutions related to the distribution of low and medium voltage electrical energy.


Proactividad - Compromiso - Profesionalidad - Equipo - Honestidad - Eficacia y Eficiencia

CAT MIRON || Quality

Guarantee of Quality

Quality is one of the fundamental pillars in CAT MIRON's career. Already in the 1980s, the company ventured into Quality Assurance by preparing and implementing the procedures required in specific quality plans for each provision. The company has been working for more than 20 years with a Quality Management System certified under the ISO 9001: 2000 standard.

Quality Managment

A technical manager is in charge of carrying out the quality management system, the administration of documents, the analysis of existing processes and their improvement, the implementation of new work methods and the performance of internal audits. On the other hand, each of the sector managers carries out the management of their respective processes, the control and the measurement of their efficiency.

Quality Control

A technical manager with close ties to the engineering department is in charge of the Medium Voltage Testing Laboratory, where the final verification of the equipment is carried out, first internally and then in the presence of the client. On the other hand, in order to detect possible deviations, the sector carries out the verification of the raw materials delivered by the suppliers, as well as the tests during the production process.

CAT MIRON transformers are manufactured according to the required standards for the certification of classes E2, C2 and F1

CAT MIRON || Custom made engineering

Custom made engineering

We manufacture custom transformers thanks to the vast experience and capacity of our engineering and product development sector. We are focused on the particular requirements of each of our clients and work to satisfy them.

The engineering department is the main strength that our company has. It is here where the calculation, design and comprehensive development of the equipment to be manufactured are carried out. These activities are carried out within the framework of the procedures established in the Quality Management System, maintaining a constant and close relationship with the client, both in the quotation stage and in the manufacturing and testing stage.

The experience accumulated during all these years combined with the computerization of the calculation and project processes using custom-developed software, allow the execution of designs in reduced times, thus making it possible to deliver engineering documentation in short periods of time, so efficient and reliable. On the other hand, it is thanks to the engineering department that we can focus on the design and development of any type of Impregnated and Encapsulated Dry Type Transformer, beyond our usual standard line. It is this point that differentiates us from our competitors, making us an extremely flexible company, oriented to cover the entire range of needs requested by customers.