Special Transformers

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Special Transformers are those made to measure to meet the specific requirements of each industry. Because at CAT MIRON we develop all the design and manufacturing processes of the transformer in Argentina, we can provide a proposal that adjusts (in an agile, reliable and efficient way) to the needs of each client. We are benchmarks in the market thanks to our vast experience, acquired over more than 50 years and backed by the large number of special equipment provided to the most demanding customers.

  • Powers up to 10,000 kVA.
  • Up to 36 kV.
  • Multi-voltage.
  • Windings in Cu or Al.
  • Class F or H.
  • Different connection groups.
  • Declassification by harmonic content, height and service condition.
  • Single phase - Biphasic - Triphasic.
  • Hexaphasic - Dodecaphasic.
  • Standards: IRAM - IEC - ANSI - IEEE - NEMA - NBR and others.
  • Cabinets with different degrees of IP.
  • Distribution
  • Industries
  • Buildings
  • Power generation plants
  • Traction
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Naval
  • Creation of artificial neutral
  • Cogeneration
  • In addition to presenting all the benefits of Standard Encapsulated Dry Type Transformers, they are tailored to the requirements of each industry.
  • In traction: with transitory loads for railway or industrial use according to IEC 60146 and 50329 in its various classes.
  • In mining: with special characteristics adapted to use indoors or outdoors at height with explosive and adverse weather conditions.
  • In Oil & Gas: with special envelopes for polluting environments.
  • For hexaphase and twelve phase rectifiers.
  • For conventional power plants and renewable sources.
  • For insulation and ultra insulation equipment for noise elimination in the line.
  • EcoCAT MIRON Line: presents high energy efficiency and reduced losses according to new international regulations.