Through our services division, at CAT MIRON we provide our clients with solutions tailored to their needs, providing immediate response to any eventuality, as well as transportation and installation of transformers at the service site.

It is thanks to the vast experience as a manufacturer that we have been closely related to the needs of customers and their facilities. The constant internal training of our members, as well as the knowledge acquired, allow us to offer quick and economic solutions.

You can learn more about the on-site services we perform below:

We carry out different tasks among which we can mention:

1) Electrical measurements

2) Adjustment and torque of pins and contacts

3) Comprehensive cleaning of the transformer and its enclosure

4) Verification of the status of surge arresters

5) Verification of the correct operation of the temperature control unit

6) Verification of the correct operation of the forced ventilation system.

We have a wide range of transformers for rent of different powers and voltages. We offer permanent attention and an emergency service. If required, we can carry out the transportation, unloading, replacement and positioning of the equipment with attention throughout the country.

Infrared Thermography is an inspection technique applicable to the maintenance of electrical, mechanical and thermal insulation equipment through the use of state-of-the-art cameras. This technology allows the reduction of the transformer downtime by reducing the probability of unforeseen failures. Infrared Thermography allows to instantly and accurately identify temperature increases associated with anomalies such as poorly dimensioned or defective artifacts, poor clamping contacts and heat losses due to insulation failure.

We have a team specialized in services to deal with all types of transformer movement, being able to carry out work to position the equipment in the substation as well as assembling and changing existing transformers, both dry and in an oil bath.

We understand that it is not enough to manufacture an excellent product, but that it is essential that our clients receive it at the designated place and time, maintaining a bond of trust throughout the entire process. It is for this reason that we offer to load, secure, transport and unload the Dry Transformers, counting on specialized professionals and modern equipment that guarantee a satisfactory experience and a unified responsibility in a single supplier. In addition, we deal with insurances that allow clients to detach themselves from problems in the event of any eventuality, with a zero investment in time and costs.

We provide, install and replace all kinds of transformer accessories and protections such as:

1) Forced ventilation equipment

2) Surge arresters

3) Temperature control panels

4) Ventilation control panels

5) PT-100 probes.