Low Voltage Transformers


Transformers are equipment whose function lies in the transfer of energy from one electrical circuit to another. Within this broad category, at CAT MIRON we offer our customers Low Voltage Dry Transformers, which are offered for presenting in application and characterization variants.

  • Impregnated or encapsulated.
  • Powers up to 1,000 kVA
  • Voltages up to 1.1 kV
  • Windings in Al or Cu
  • Class F and H
  • Special, Declassified by Height and Harmonics, Oil Tankers and Start Autotransformers.
  • IRAM - IEC - ANSI standards.
  • With Cabinets.
  • As an isolation transformer, which as its name says, is used to electrically isolate itself from the primary circuit.
  • As a voltage level transformer, to adapt the mains voltage to the power supply of motors, controllers, special circuits, etc.
  • To obtain an electrical circuit with or without neutral, independently of the primary circuit.
  • For rectification circuits, being able to obtain single-phase, three-phase or polyphase secondary circuits.
  • To distribute secondary loads in the primary circuit, decrease the short-circuit power, eliminate electrical noise, decrease harmonic components, etc.